Monday, May 2, 2011

Analysis of Things the United States is Bad At

I just saw this and felt that the scale was a bit unbalanced. While I get how most of these are bad (I am most likely to be sick or on fire), some of these states clearly come off as clear winners.

South Carolina - It doesn't say "poorest." It's just a lot of mobile homes. It might as well say "most rubber bands," or something.

Indiana - Nobody knows what that means, anyway.

Ohio - How is that even measured? Is is like the most Magic: The Gathering cards per square mile?

Utah - C'moooon. Is that even really that bad? Those crazy Mormons...

On the other hand, some states are definite losers.

Nevada - Crime? Most of the things listed on here are crimes! So Nevada has all of that? That sucks just for being so vague. Especially when this gets as specific as Oklahoma having to most lady crimes.

Louisiana - On the other hand, that is VERY specific. Too bad, guys...

North Dakota and Maine - Ouch. That's just bullying.

P.S. What's the difference between "most sickly" and "poorest health"?