Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Music. More Music. More Music.

I realized while writing my last post that I haven't really talked at any length about music here. But I like music a lot, so I'd sure like to remedy that!

So here's what I'm going to do. I've been seeing on The Facebook this 30 Day Song Challenge thing where each day you pick a song based on a set rule for that day. Well, I don't want to flood The Facebook and I don't really want to update my Facebook everyday. So here's all 30 days. In one day. Today.

day 01 - your favorite song
I'll take this opportunity to once again encourage everyone to check out They Might Be Giants' new song, "Can't Keep Johnny Down" .

day 02 - your least favorite song
I don't care for this.

day 03 - a song that makes you happy
One of the greatest songs ever composed.

day 04 - a song that makes you sad
He wrote this about himself dying. It's so sad.

day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone
This song (unfortunately?) reminds me of a lot of people back home.

day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere
This song reminds me of the Jersey Shore (don't call it that). I have no idea why.

day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event
I liked to sing this ironically when I graduated.

day 08 - a song that you know all the words to
That's a lot of songs. But this one is the most impressive, I think.

day 09 - a song that you can dance to
I don't really dance, but you know.

day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep
I don't think any song literally makes me fall asleep like some kind of conditional narcolepsy. But this one is pretty sleepy and dreamy. I wouldn't mind listening to it as I feel asleep.

day 11 - a song from your favorite band
This was surprisingly hard to choose. I've liked Talking Heads pretty much forever, and I think this song really typifies what I like about them.

day 12 - a song from a band you hate
This is the only song I can stand listening to by them.

day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure
I'm not that guilty. The lyrics and arrangement are smart. It just... y'know... a girl song.

day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love
I guess it's somewhat unexpected...

day 15 - a song that describes you
Songs don't really describe me these days. But it wouldn't be difficult to associate me with this.

day 16 - a song that you used to love but now hate
I only loved it when I was a little kid. I've since heard it a feeeew too many times.

day 17 - a song that you hear often on the radio
And I still like it!

day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio
I don't really like radio bureaucracy and all that, but I just really don't get why they don't play R.E.M. anymore.

day 19 - a song from your favorite album
Awesome version, by the way.

day 20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry
I don't think I really seek out specific songs when I'm angry... But this is an angry song.

day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy
Yeah, same for happy. This song makes me happy, and it's about a thing that makes me happy.

day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad
...This is a sad song...

day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding
Certainly not that previous one. This one maybe (sorry for the duplicate).

day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral
Play this right during the service, please.

day 25 - a song that makes you laugh
There's too much Europe here.

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument
It's not very hard. Also, I never saw the video before. Adorable.

day 27 - a song that you wish you could play
I have a lot of rock star fantasies. Lately, many of them have feature me playing this.

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty
That's a weird question. But I will admit that one time, when I was younger, this song did. I still don't quite get it.

day 29 - a song from your childhood
My mom played this for me when I was a baby. I have a real history with awful awful hair metal.

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year
Still pretty much the best.

That was fun! 'Kay bye!

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