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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bump fist!!

Did you ever have a really terrible smell just ingrained within the mesh inside your nose? I had that all day yesterday!

Anyway, sometimes people ask me to recommend comics. Going into a comic store for the first time is a bit overwhelming. There's so much stuff! And so much of it is bad! And it's impossible to tell which is which. It's not like the covers are going to help any, when this,

is a comic in which Superman and Green Lantern hang out and discuss things and never fight.

I usually don't know what to recommend, but right now, there are a couple of titles that I honestly think are very good. I will expound on two of them with spoiler-filled reviews!

First up is the DC title, Justice League: Generation Lost. Just look at that nice Dustin Nguyen cover from the most recent issue! Nice, huh? Anyway, this is a year-long bi-weekly crossover series telling a great big, epic story about the reforming of the Justice League International. Now, you may say I'm biased as this features Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and some of my other favorite characters, but typically, I get really annoyed at crossovers, so this has a lot working against it. Then, why is it so good? Here's ten reasons.

  1. THEY EXPLAIN THINGS!! Judd Winick, the writer, doesn't assume that you've read every DC comic ever made. He offers back story and exposition early in the story! And each time a new hero shows up, a little caption tells you his or her name and a short bio. This seems so obvious. I've seen it almost never.
  2. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY OTHER BOOKS, TOO!! Let me use last year's Green Lantern-central crossover, Blackest Night, as an example of this not happening. Issue #1 ends with Green Lantern and the Flash fighting a reanimated zombie Martian Manhunter. Issue #2 begins and Martian Manhunter has already been defeated. You had to buy the issue of the regular Green Lantern series to see the fight actually happen! Which already sucks that you have to spend extra money, but they DON'T EVEN TELL YOU! Generation Lost does not do this.
  3. CONTINUITY SCHMONTINUITY. Often, since crossovers feature so many different characters, writers and fans become obsessed with forcing the events of each character within some made-up continuity of is or her life. It doesn't matter. Stop caring. Generation Lost did.
  4. NO POINTLESS CHARACTERS. Judd Winick is also currently writing a the main Power Girl title. He decided to put Power Girl into this story early on. But it wasn't just so that he could feature one of his favorite characters. Wait a couple of issues, and she suddenly has a bigger and bigger role in the series. Cool, huh?
  5. UNPOPULAR CHARCTERS. The main characters of this series are not household names. Winick has quite successfully analyzed each of their backgrounds and written their performances to match this in a sort of more modern interpretation of each character. This is notable because writers are often too scared to change in any way certain more popular characters, like Batman. It often makes their stories booooring.
  6. IT'S FUNNY!! Superhero stories shouldn't take themselves seriously. Not that they can't have serious themes or that they shouldn't be approached professionally. But it's an absurd concept. It's not real. Don't pretend it is. Generation Lost doesn't. And it's got some real LOL moments.
  7. THERE'S MYSTERY!! Um... It's got a mystery in it.
  8. AWESOME ART!! The pencil duties rotate each week among Aaron Lopresti, Joe Bennett, and Fernando Dagnino. They're all really good. The art stays fresh, solid, and dynamic. And they all seem to be quite good at drawing mass carnage. Lopresti is my fave. ;D
  9. OH YEAH, IT'S GOT A GOOD STORY. I probably would have gotten this far if the story started to bore me. So yeah, it's good. And it's paced better than any crossover I've ever read (and I've read my share). There's a strong rhythm of background, dialogue, investigation, and action. Every now and then, there will be a quieter issue discussing the background of one of the characters. They're cool. And all of the artists are really good at drawing exciting action scenes.

Crazy future Plastic Man clone

And one million-year-old J'onn J'onzz

So that's that. The other comic I'm reading is Boom! Studios' Darkwing Duck comic. It's good. I will prove it with some straight-up spoilers from issue #4.

Like this.

And this.

And this.

So yeah, read these! If you feel like it.

"That's cool, Josh, but what have you been up to?"

Hey, thanks for asking! Here's some stuff I did!!

Booster Gold, one of the stars of Generation Lost.

A new creature! He's on fire.

Some sketches for Duck and Cover!! a series I've been working on about explorer ducks. I'm currently working on a comic story about them with some of my very talented storyteller friends. With any luck, there will be a finished product available by next year.

Okay, bye now!