Monday, November 29, 2010

Monster House!!

Hey y'all!

So I'm back home now after another quarter at SCAD, one which I feel was among my most successful. Here's something I did while I was there.
It's a little small and furry here, so I urge you to click on it and see the full-size. It is a depiction of a railing looking down on River Street, the sort of hub of tourism and nightlife in Savannah. Here is it during the day, after these two guys just had a business lunch. The guy on the left is probably laughing like, "A-hee-hee-hee!" There is also a grackle.

I also decided while I was in Savannah that I want to one day make a creature series like Pokemon, or my childhood favorite, Digimon: Digital Monsters. Of course, the key to success in a creature show is that there are at least one hundred million fun, imaginary monsters to memorize and collect.

SO. In my free time, I have taken to designing these creatures. Here's some!

This is Bleeble. I wanted to make something that could possibly act as the partner to one of the main characters (you know, the Pikachu or Agumon), and this was my result. Keep in mind, too, that most of these guys can speak. I definitely prefer taking the "stray, intelligent computer data" approach like Digimon, rather than the "dumb, destructive, real-life animals" approach of Pokemon, because that's way scarier than they act.

Ex. 1

I rest my case.
Though I am a bit taller than that.

I had the idea for this guy waaaay back when I was in elementary school. Until I just recently started thinking about making a creature show again, I totally forgot that back then I wanted to make a cartoon that was like Pokemon but with birdwatchers. And all the birds were these weird monster birds. This is the only one I can remember making up then, and I still like it a lot. In fact, the idea of a monster birdwatching cartoon really isn't too bad. Back then, I just called this guy a pine cone bird, but life experience has taught me that creatures have to be named after clever portmanteaus that grownups have a hard time pronouncing.

So I don't know if this guy would talk. But I DO know that it would hop around and try to steal people's food. AND it can retract its feet and shove its beak into its torso in order to disguise itself as a pine cone.

I'm pretty cool.

By the way, I'll probably forget about this whole thing in a couple months like I forgot the birdwatching idea, so if you think it sound cool, just remind me. I keep imagining that this series would be really Modern-looking, with role-playing video game elements incorporated into the visuals of the cartoon. Like during fights, there'd be text and menus and hp bars and such just visible in the environment.

But yeah, this is just a germ of an idea right now. Soon, I'll have up some more fleshed out ideas and projects I've got in the works right now. Plus, there should be more creatures.

'Kay bye!


  1. Wow! I'm 11 inches taller than you! How did I fail to notice this over the past few years?

    The river street final looks really good, though you're probably tired of my saying that. Of course there are many details about it that I like. Did you add some of the people on the left, or did I just not see them before?

    Conifinch makes me laugh. And Bleeble is cool. If you get a jive going with those things let me do some. That is definitely among my top 5 life dreams.

    Of course I would be slightly biased towards a monster birdwatching idea. Buuuuuuut

  2. Now I know what to blame when my food is stolen.
    Those cast shadows from the River Street pic look kickass, though.


    That is all.

  4. Lora: Those people were there before. I'm not going to touch that thing for a while, I think. And, yeah, feel free to make monsters. I can't stop you. And like I said, we need like a hundred billion of them, so it's inevitable that we must collaborate.

    Oh, and I've been wanting to tell you about the birdwatching thing since I remembered it! That could be a pretty fun thing, too...

    Erik: Thank you!

    Ryon: Thank you, also!

    That is all.